Associations As Legislative Ambassadors

    On November 8th Americans voted into office many new political officials, not the least of which is the 45th President of the United States. Based on the current social, political and economic climate of our country it’s safe to say change is coming, for better or worse. As an individual, it’s important that your voice is heard as those changes are made. And while every voice matters, when it’s one among millions, it can be hard to get someone to listen. This is where an association comes in.

    Among the many benefits we offer our members, public policy and advocacy is one of the most important. When you’re a member of IREM, you become part of a much larger group that shares your same interests and passions. You are part of something bigger than yourself and that can amplify the power you have to create change. Since its inception, IREM has made advocacy for real estate management professionals’ top priority through visits to both Capitol Hill and local legislators. Our IREM Houston chapter also has a Public Policy Committee that meets monthly to discuss past, current and future legislation that effects both our industry and our city as a whole.

    In a time that could bring so much change, it’s essential to align yourself with an organization that has the power to mobilize MANY to make changes important to YOU.

    To learn more about The Power of Associations, visit Beyond the Institute of Real Estate Management, there are many associations you may find support policies you align with personally and professionally.

    If you’d like to get involved with IREM Public Policy, please email us here.


    About the Author: Lindsay Konlande currently serves as the Association Assistant for IREM Houston. Lindsay earned her Bachelor Degree in Communication from Texas A&M and has several years of experience in marketing, public relations and copywriting. 

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