Security's Newest Solution: Robots

    Robots Multiply the Reach of Security Solutions Sector

    Artificial Intelligence is driving innovation from warehouse robots for order compilation to autonomous vehicles for delivery.

    But, did you know that another area robots are picking up steam is the security industry? Called autonomous data machines (ADMs) or robots, this technology is changing risk management economics and strategy in unique ways. Such technology can leverage information management at its core for a more effective security program. Built purposely for security, ADMs are designed to integrate with a customer’s security program to increase effectiveness and reduce overall cost.

    For example, a property manager uses patrols and information gathering for security purposes, facilities performance and compliance (perhaps for insurance, government or a customer requirement). Having trained security professionals at the site is critical for ongoing business operations such as visitor management and event response are absolutely critical in emergencies. The training combined with employees’ institutional knowledge is vital. But there are monotonous, dirty or dangerous tasks that machines are better at. Some of these tasks include data collection, recalling specific details and consistent reporting.

    The property manager can subscribe to a security robot to patrol large areas and gather video, sound, weather info and perform object recognition and identify anomalies. All this information is collected and sent to a security team for analysis and, when appropriate, action.

    This unique and powerful integration of robots and humans comes together through a Security Operations Center (SOC). For example, if the building is to be closed and no people should be in a secure area during a certain timeframe, the ADM can be programmed to identify a person and send an alert to the SOC when this occurs. The device will then send the captured person’s image and evidence of the intrusion to the SOC.

    Robots will not eliminate security professionals any time soon. However, they add effectiveness and efficiency to security programs already in place. What robots do well is collect massive amounts of information to greatly increase situational awareness. This allows humans to do what they do well: analyze and respond to specific events and threats. Moreover, robots provide 24/7 autonomous patrolling and monitoring including self-recharging without human intervention, so a company’s assets can be secure around the clock.

    Other reasons to make the case for robots as part of an overall security program include: 

        • Savings—Robots reduce the cost of adding staff or applying other technologies.

        • Mobility—The robot’s information can be accessed through a simple webpage and mobile app. Allowing security officers to access important video, audio and other information while on the go in their environment.

        • Versatility—Unique applications can enhance the robot for specific customer needs, such as gas sensors for C-FATS regulations or heat sensors for fire or equipment.  

     Allied Universal has formed a partnership with Knightscope to offer this sophisticated technology to current security clients. Thus far, the program has received a positive response. In March, Allied Universal and Knightscope will be hosting demonstrations and education sessions in Dallas, Austin and Houston. Additional locations will be announced throughout the year.

    To learn more about this application of AI and how the security industry blends the technology with security, contact us to participate in a demo session, or receive a copy of the ADM white paper here. Enter “ADM Demo or White Paper” in the comments box.

    About the author: Andrea Hellyer is a Business Development Manager in Houston, TX for Allied Universal. 

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