Who is AMLO?

    No, this isn’t Jeopardy, but you may be unaware of the massive political shift that occurred with the United States’ third-largest trading partner on July 1st.  Mexico elected its next president, Andres Manuel Lopez Orbrador, commonly referred to as “AMLO”.  And who can blame you… on the day of the election, CBS Sunday Morning reported that AMLO had a substantial lead over the “incumbent”, Enrique Pena Nieto.  One would hope so, seeing how presidents in Mexico can’t run for reelection; their constitution limits presidents to one, six-year term.  So, why should we care?

    AMLO like many politicians represents change, and specifically, disenchantment with the establishment… sound familiar?  His populist Morena party, swept the PRI, the governing party of the last thirty years.  And whereas the PRI historically catered to the business community, led by pro-business technocrats educated at US Ivy League schools,  AMLO favors a social agenda.  His populist campaign is rooted in anti-corruption and like our own administration, AMLO has a “Mexico first” national policy.  Key initiatives for include:

    • Renegotiate NAFTA, including increasing wages for Mexican workers – a view shared with President Trump.
    • Uproot corruption – Mexico ranks 135 out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index. According to the U.S. edition of The Guardian, Public officials will now have to disclose their assets and none will be able to earn more than the president, with a self-imposed cap of $5,707 (US)/month.
    • Fight crime – at least 130 politicians (including 48 candidates) have been murdered since the start of the election season last September, as reported by com
    • Alleviate poverty
    • Possibly nationalize the oil sector


    An April article in Forbes, explained what’s at stake for Texas?

    • 1 million jobs, supported by NAFTA
    • $174 billion in trade
    • 37% of all Texas agricultural exports
    • Security cooperation


    How successful AMLO is with his initiatives and relations with the Trump administration will prove vital to the health of the Texas economy, as well as the rest of the country.  AMLO takes office on December 1st.


    About the Author: Scott Francis, CPM® is a Senior Property Manager at Transwestern, AMO and has been in the property management industry for over a decade. As a 2018 Public Policy Committee member and former head of legislative affairs for IREM – Orange County, he is passionate about local and federal government, specifically how domestic and international policies impact commercial real estate.  Scott earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science/International Relations at the University of the South.

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