Go For the Goal with IREM Support

    IREM’s scholarship efforts are decades-old and includes a long history of successfully supporting members with the cost of CPM, ACoM and ARM education and credentials.

    Benefit 1: Career Growth for You

    In Houston, we now assist an annual average of 15 members with the scholarship application process. Obtaining financial awards allows members to expedite their career development goals, encourages greater engagement within IREM and helps our organization retain very worthy professionals.

    It is important to know that the funding program is not need-based and there should be no stigma of applying for IREM Foundation scholarship funds. “We make sure our prospective applicants know that members donate funds to the Foundation because they believe in the education and they believe in IREM credentials,” said the 2018 Houston Chapter President, Stephanie Swanson, ACoM, CPM, of Transwestern. She added, “We stress the charitable mission of the Foundation to give back.”

    At a time when some companies are cutting training and professional development, our program allows members to continue or fast-track their education. IREM never wants the cost of our premier education to hinder someone from achieving their goals of an IREM credential.

    Benefit 2: Strength for the Industry

    There is an anticipated shortage of skilled property management professionals already hitting our market, so by awarding funds to professionals to become better at their jobs, we are helping to build a better workforce. “By showing leaders at Property Management firms that IREM is committed to their employees, they in-turn become more committed to IREM.” said the Houston Chapter VP of Membership, Sheryl Green, CPM of Camden.

    Once members have taken courses with Foundation funds, many are able to leverage matching funds from their employers for future courses. Employers become aware of this additional value of IREM membership as well as the educational value of the knowledge learned in our classes. CPM Candidate Renee Boutelle of CBRE, one of our scholarship recipients that gives back to the Chapter through ongoing volunteerism summed it up; “It is apparent that IREM is passionately dedicated to giving back to its members. I have never benefitted more from a professional organization than I have through being involved with IREM, who is unquestionably the best at helping those who wish to thrive in the Property Management Industry!”

    How Our Program Works

    Applying for a scholarship is easy and requires a simple application, a brief statement of why a person is applying and a copy of the applicant’s resume. This package is paired with a chapter letter of support and submitted to the Foundation via email. The Foundation Board reviews applications on a monthly basis and applicants should attempt to apply at least 6 weeks prior to courses they are wishing to take. This allows applicants to take advantage of early-bird rates and pay out of pocket costs totaling 25% of the course cost. Each member that is awarded funding is offered the opportunity for a portion of three course to be paid on their behalf within the calendar year.

    Benefit 3: Bench Strength for IREM

    What do we ask in return? A member who has been helped by the Foundation is more likely to feel an allegiance to IREM. Once a person attends our classes, they immediately see the value and want more of our training. The in-person classes offer valuable peer-networking and relationship-building which leads to the applicant feeling very engaged with our organization. We urge recipients to stay involved and the majority of the time they do.

    When reviewing the last-five years of scholarship recipients, here is what we found:

    • 92% are still IREM members
    • A large majority have earned substantial work-place and career promotions
    • 50% have earned an IREM credential with a huge majority of recent recipients working toward a 2019 credential
    • 79% have given back to the chapter via volunteerism, financial contribution, interest in becoming an instructor, writing for the blog and serving as chapter committee leaders and even Board Members
    • Our recipients are so engaged within IREM some serve on National Committees, attend conferences, have offered to teach and publicly speak, have written articles for IREM’s Journal of Property Management (JPM), and serve as mentors
    • In viewing our Chapter leadership succession plan, it is likely that three consecutive Chapter Presidents have all been awarded Foundation funds during their quest to earn the CPM designation


    Ready to apply? Click here for the IREM Foundation application and send your request for a chapter letter of support here. In 2018, we have several classes still on the books including;  MKL406 (Marketing Office Buildings), HRS402 (Leading A Winning Property Management Team) and our advanced financial courses, ASM603, ASM604, ASM605 (Asset Management Classes). Look for our 2019 Course Calendar to be posted in October and know that we are here to help lend support for your professional development journey.

    Want to start on your IREM credential? Head to the membership section of our website to find out which one is right for you or contact Jo D. Miller at to begin a conversation about crafting your own educational journey with us.

    By Jo D. Miller, IREM Houston’s Executive Committee. She helps manage the local scholarship fund and believes a huge part of her role at IREM is encouraging and inspiring members to earn their credentials. In her tenure, IREM Houston has awarded over $70,000 of their own scholarship funds and installed over 250 new CPMs. Miller is an active IREM Foundation Board Member for IREM Headquarters, serving a three-year term.

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