5 Tips to Being an Unstoppable Leader

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How do you get your people to perform at their highest level? By being the best leader that ever happened to them and by creating a peak performance culture allowing them to operate at ease as themselves. The very top leaders drive bottom-line results for their organizations because they align their leadership values to improve the performance of their people.

Being a leader is hard. Being an unstoppable leader is even harder. But the extra effort delivers a high return on investment.

To be an unstoppable leader, you must establish positive values that create and foster an engaged and productive team. Leadership values drive organizational behavior. If you lead from these, your culture will be elevated. Engaged individuals are more productive and motivated – they produce higher quality work, take fewer sick days, and stay with your organization longer.

And in order to facilitate a peak performance culture with individuals who are truly engaged, you need to get intentional about creating positive values. The good news is that there are many positive values you can put into place to develop a peak performance culture where people are genuinely happy and productive.

Here are 5 tips to being an unstoppable leader:

  1. Remember the people in your organization’s big picture. Unstoppable leaders ensure that the activities of their organization are firmly aligned with the organization’s values. Align these values with your team to help them work together effectively and acknowledge how their work contributes to the big picture. By supporting your people, you help them succeed thus elevating their performance.


  1. Lead people, not manage commodities. Unstoppable leaders know the people who work for them are not merely cogs in a machine to drive results. They are individuals who have their own dreams and goals. And if you add more resources to support them, your people will thrive thus paying you back with their commitment to reach their optimal ability.


  1. Empower people to make decisions. Unstoppable leaders know their role is to inspire people to perform their duties at the highest level. These leaders provide the tools and techniques necessary to expand their people’s thinking to take action, overcome obstacles and solve issues. Your organizational culture will achieve peak performance when you develop individuals who rise from the inside.


  1. Recognize contributions from your people. Unstoppable leaders recognize their people’s contributions – both large and small. Your people create, build, sell, support, and produce the things that your customers buy. When people feel appreciated for their efforts, they become happier, more engaged and more productive.


  1. Mentor your people. Unstoppable leaders provide coaching to get their people past hurdles. You can integrate learning and development as a core component of each position. Apportion time and dollars toward personal growth and development so that all of your people become peak performers. And on a regular basis, help individuals understand how their actions contribute to the overall organizational mission, vision and profitability.


Being an unstoppable leader entails inspiring your people to reach their highest potential. Commit to putting positive values in place to encourage supportive systems and your people will become more engaged and productive.

Unstoppable leadership is easily within your reach and you can begin to elevate your people’s performance immediately. As a result of creating a positive culture with people who are engaged, your organization can achieve peak performance.


George D. Griffin III is a #1 best-selling author, speaker, trainer and coach. He is a past Chapter President for IREM Houston, past Regional Vice President for IREM Region 7 and the 2020 Secretary/Treasurer for IREM.

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