Making Your Calendar Work For You

Posted by [email protected] on May. 13, 2019  /  Career Growth, Management/Leadership  /   0

Time is precious and limited in today's digital world. How can you maximize your time each day, check all of the boxes, and avoid burnout?

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Tips to Push Past Career Insecurities

Posted by [email protected] on May. 3, 2019  /  Career Growth, On The Job, Management/Leadership  /   0

At some point every professional has had a moment of self-doubt mixed with the fear that all of their responsibilities will come crumbling down around them.

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Going Green In 2019

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 22, 2019  /  On The Job, Education  /   0

In the year 2019, sustainability in real estate has become a priority. But what’s the next wave of sustainability? Where do we “go green” from here?

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Networking #LikeaBoss  

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 15, 2019  /  Career Growth, On The Job  /   0

Not everyone has the natural ability to put strangers at ease and form easy relationships. But with a few tips, you can harness the power of networking and better utilize those moments where you have the chance to make a greater connectiion.

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Successfully Hosting a Unique Tenant Event

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 1, 2019  /  On The Job  /   0

Hosting events for your tenants can give added value, create a sense of community, and make them feel appreciated. But how do you bring your tenant events to the next level? How can you make them successfully unique?

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Working With Recruiters in the New Year

Posted by [email protected] on Dec. 28, 2018  /  Career Growth, On The Job  /   0

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter, it can be somewhat of a mystery as to how they assist with job searches. Here are a few things you can do to make yourself more desirable to a recruiter, and therefore their client.

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What Commercial Real Estate Leaders can Learn From NASA's "Monday Notes"

Posted by [email protected] on Oct. 23, 2018  /  Career Growth, On The Job, Management/Leadership  /   0

Lessons learned from NASA leader can help you with "out of this world" team results.

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Go For the Goal with IREM Support

Posted by [email protected] on Aug. 24, 2018  /  Career Growth, Education  /   0

Houston IREM members are annually awarded over $15,000 in funds toward Commercial Real Estate Management classes that focus on the critical needs of a successful property manager.

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Who is AMLO?

Posted by [email protected] on Aug. 8, 2018  /  Legislative  /   0

Are you aware of the massive political shift that occurred with the United States’ third-largest trading partner on July 1st? Mexico elected its next President and we're wondering, what change will come with this big shift in political power?

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Achieving a Houston Without Homelessness – It Can Be Done (Part 2)

Posted by [email protected] on Jul. 27, 2018  /  Legislative  /   0

Most people think of homelessness as a man on the street corner holding a sign or a person sleeping under an overpass. They don’t usually think of a child. Yet families with children represent the fastest growing homeless population in our country.

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