Overcoming Work Burnout

Posted by [email protected] on Aug. 22, 2017  /  On The Job  /   0

We’ve all felt burnout at work, but how do you address it? Before you make any quick decision, take a minute to evaluate a few key issues that may be at fault.

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Should You Critique Your Boss?

Posted by [email protected] on Jul. 28, 2017  /  Career Growth, On The Job, Management/Leadership  /   0

Sometimes known as “upward feedback”, allowing the space for performance evaluation to flow from employee to boss is highly valuable to effective leadership and job satisfaction. The problem is, many managers and/or companies don’t openly welcome this.

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Before You Call – Tips on Preventing Billable Elevator Calls

Posted by [email protected] on Jul. 20, 2017  /  On The Job  /   0

Hear from an elevator expert when and how to avoid unnecessary elevator service expenses.

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Houston's Revenue Cap Discussion Heats Up

Posted by [email protected] on Jul. 6, 2017  /   0

Houston property owners, residential and commercial alike, are growing more interested, and possibly concerned, about the suggested lifting of the city’s revenue cap. Now, voters can expect to vote on this revenue cap once again in November 2017.

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Bridging the Workplace Age Gap

Posted by [email protected] on Jun. 23, 2017  /  Management/Leadership  /   0

For the first time, there are five generations represented in the workplace. The combination of a booming workforce and people living longer has culminated in the most diverse, and potentially contentious, professional landscape we have ever seen.

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How to Keep Your Vendor Relationships Ethical

Posted by [email protected] on May. 22, 2017  /  On The Job  /   0

The way our work/life balance has morphed into a work/life blend has also allowed for vendors we work with professionally to become personal friends. It’s more important than ever to proceed with caution regarding ethical concerns in vendor relationships.

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Stop Rewarding Bad Habits and Behaviors

Posted by [email protected] on May. 3, 2017  /  Career Growth, Management/Leadership  /   0

I recently attended an IREM Regional Conference and was fortunate enough to sit in a session with speaker Sarah Sheila Birnbach. Sarah spoke on a great deal of topics, but the one that really hit me was the topic of performance vs consequences.

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Good News on Three Sustainability Trends

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 25, 2017  /  On The Job  /   0

Let's take a look at some of the emerging sustainability trends in investment real estate and the larger economy.

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The Mark of a Professional

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 31, 2017  /  Career Growth, Management/Leadership  /   0

If you close your eyes right now and conjure up an image of the ideal professional, what would he or she look like? What does this person’s voice sound like? How does this person carry themselves?

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Dealing With Tough Tenants

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 9, 2017  /  On The Job  /   0

Tenant conflict is just part of the job, but sometimes tenants go beyond the standard complaint and become a daily obstacle in getting your job done.

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