Re-Opening Facilities With Cleanliness In Mind

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It’s been said more than once that in many respects, the return to work is all about optics. Many tenants now believe their safety at a property goes beyond the security team, smoke alarms and fire exits. Tenants look at cleaning protocols as a new type of safety amenity that can be offered. As you prepare for the re-opening of your property, having a partner that can help get you through the cleaning and disinfection process safely and efficiently is paramount. When looking for the right company, here are some best practices to be aware of:

  • Not all cleaning companies are equal. Ensure your vendor has a current certificate of insurance (COI) with minimum insurance requirements, along with a chemical list with EPA numbers and CDC recommendations.
  • There is a difference between deep-cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection. These terms are not interchangeable and require a unique procedure for each.
  • If you choose an enhanced cleaning method, ensure the chemicals and the application are accurately approved by the EPA/CDC.
  • If facilities have been closed or had necessary personnel onsite, consider hiring a restoration company for disinfection and sanitization services to clean common and high traffic areas prior to full re-entry.
  • Cleaning companies cannot test for the presence of COVID-19 in your facility, nor can they 100% prove that they’ve eliminated the virus. If you believe your building has been exposed to the virus, you may need to consult with a Subject Matter Expert (SME), such as a certified industrial hygienist or chemical forensic company.
  • Designate a management team within your organization to establish a critical path that protects your people and property and prepares your organization for future infectious disease scenarios.


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