7 Signs of a Promotable Person

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It’s the time of year when we begin to reflect on the events of the past twelve months – reflecting not only personally, but professionally as well. For most, this is the time of year when performance reviews weigh heavy on their minds and with it questions about promotions and recognition.

While I cannot answer that question for you, I can share with you the seven signs companies are looking for to determine if a person is promotable:  

1. Communicate

Let your supervisor/boss know that you want to move to the next level, and ask what the company policy is on obtaining your goal. Maybe there is an experience requirement (i.e. 3 years) that you haven’t obtained yet, or maybe there are some skills you have yet to master. You should also ask what the potential roadblocks might be, and what you can do to navigate them with ease. Make a game plan with regular check-ins so you can stay on-target with achieving the promotion

2. Find a Mentor

If you don’t have a mentoring relationship with higher-ups in the company, or someone of influence who can be your cheerleader – find them fast. Some companies may have formal mentoring programs, and some do not. If you do not have anyone you work with that you feel comfortable developing a professional mentor relationship with, look to your IREM chapter. Many members are ready and willing to mentor, as most feel that the greatest gift to others is to share knowledge and help others learn. Not only can a mentor be a sounding board and supporter, he/she can be a great source of information and career guidance.

3. Get Your Education On

When your third grade teacher said you should be learning something new every day – they were right. While I highly suggest taking IREM Education courses, it’s not always feasible (financially or time-wise) for every person. Thankfully, a wealth of resources are available: webinars, books, industry websites, and – wait for it – your colleagues. Do you have a co-worker that blasts operating expense reconciliations out of the park? Ask them to walk you through the process on a practice one (please don’t do it while they’re in the middle of them though – unless you bring them caffeine, chocolate, and a stress ball).

4. Build Your Network

Get to know other people! Start with others in your company if the word “networking” has your palms sweaty just from reading it. Look at it this way: the more people know about you and your skills and abilities, the more likely your name will be discussed when promotion opportunities arise. Networking also creates the benefit of an additional knowledge bank of people who may not do the same job as you, but can help you when you need it. If you are on the property management side of your company, get to know the people that handle construction, leasing, and engineering – if you ever have a question or need help, at least you have a person you can ask.

5. Professionalism

Are you dependable, professional, and a team player? Do you act and look the part? Here’s how to tell:

  1.  Are you dressing professionally – even on business casual Friday? What about at company events after-hours? If you aren’t sure what professional dress is, look at the most successful people in your organization because the company culture will tell you what professional looks like for your company. Are they wearing suit and tie, or a dress with a jacket every day? Then you should too, because success looks like that in your company. The old adage rings true: Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have.
  2. Do you have a positive attitude? What about in tough situations? As Zig Ziglar has said, “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, which will determine your altitude.”  
  3. Do you show up to work and meetings on time? If you do, you have demonstrated to the company that you know how to manage your time, have personal discipline, and a respect for other people’s time. If you do not, you are showing the company you are not reliable.
  4. When you say you are going to do something, do you do it? Having follow-through is a component of a successful person and demonstrates a person’s integrity.
  5. Are you a problem-solver or a problem-maker? If you bring up a problem or issue to your boss, make sure you also have a suggested solution ready to go.

6. Be a Team Player

Take ownership of your mistakes, and share the praise when you have success. Not only does it build rapport with your team, but it builds your reputation with your company and demonstrates your value as someone who works well with others.

7. Ask for More

It never hurts to ask for additional responsibilities, or ask others how you can help them. Requesting additional work shows your supervisor that you are interested in doing more and want to help – which shines a spotlight on your value to the company. Just remember, with each level of promotion, there are additional responsibilities to the ones you already have, so you can consider taking on extra work as “practice” for when the promotion does come.


As Jaye Frank has said, “People don’t get promoted for doing their jobs really well. They get promoted by demonstrating their potential to do more.” 


About the Author: Vanessa Dyer is an Assistant Property Manager for Stream Realty Partners and has nearly a decade of experience in real estate and is currently a CPM Candidate. Prior to joining Stream, she worked in administrative roles for property management and construction companies such as Woodbranch Management and Evtex Companies. Her varied experience and thirst for knowledge make her a true “jack of all trades”.

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