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IREM Houston works to support our members through education and professional development to ultimately further their careers in the real estate industry. Through various initiatives, from networking events to highly regarded industry credentials, our association provides service to our members at a variety of levels. Since 1955, IREM Houston has set the standard for best practices in real estate management. We are proud of our rich history in serving our members, the industry and the community. To learn more about how IREM can be your career partner, contact us.


Upcoming Events

Jan 21

IREM Webinar: What is Culture Fit and Why is it a Problem?

"Culture Fit" is a good thing right? Maybe. But like most things it has its downsides. In this session we'll dig deeper into the concept of culture fit and how it might be alienating the very candidates you're searching hard to find.

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Apr 19

IREM Golf Open

Take a break and get on "island time" at the Annual IREM Golf Open on April 20th

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May 7

IREM Annual Bruncheon: Breakfast of Champions

Guest speaker Dr. Debbie will help attendees create a positive mental mindset to generate successful shifts for personal success.

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IREM Scholarship Giving in 2020

IREM Launches a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee and 2021 Initiatives

Celebrating 100 Members' Anniversaries

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