Educational Courses

We are the single, best source for real estate management education and globally recognized industry credentials. Our knowledge-based learning and expertise is essential to the practice of real estate management—covering the core competencies for maximum performance of investment real estate. 

Explore the many educational opportunities we offer with our below schedule of Houston in-person courses. All certification courses are also offered in a self-paced format and live, virtual format (via Zoom). For more information on those options, click here to see the full course catalog and learning options for each class. 


May 24

CPM Capstone Track

Final assessment testing to earn the CPM designation.

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Sep 23

Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Reporting for Investment Real Estate (FIN402)

Master all the necessary budgeting and accounting skills to help you meet your owner’s goals, improve NOI and make an impact on your property’s value.

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Managing People & Marketing/Office Track

Oct 21

Leading a Winning Property Management Team (HRS402)

This course will walk you through a day-in-the-life experience helping you to better understand your leadership strengths and areas for development.

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Asset Management Track

Nov 8

Financing and Loan Analysis For Investment Real Estate (ASM603)

With this course, you’ll learn to produce higher revenue for your portfolio – despite the turbulence of the market.

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Nov 10

Performance and Valuation of Investment Real Estate (ASM604)

Here you’ll receive the tools and skills to determine the performance of real estate assets, allowing you to enhance the long-term financial outlook of your portfolio and secure the future prosperity of your business.

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Nov 12

Asset Analysis of Investment Real Estate (ASM605)

This deep dive into asset management puts you in the driver’s seat, using real-world investment scenarios, to enable you to consistently deliver forecasted returns for owners and investors.

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Dec 31

Ethics for the Real Estate Manager (ETH100)

How you respond to ethical challenges has a long-term effect on your reputation and success in business.

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